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2 Year Warranty


The AEG SCS8181ETS fridge freezer has an innovative design which keeps your food fresher for longer. Plus, it has an A+ energy rating to provide lower annual running costs.

Coming in a classic white, this cooling appliance will fit in with any home décor, and has sliding door fixings for added convenience.

Capacity and Storage

This built-in AEG fridge freezer has a spacious interior, making it ideal for larger families. The fridge has an impressive 192 litre capacity with plenty of door space, and inside, you’ll find two full-width shelves, one flexi-shelf and two drawers.

Designed to offer ultimate flexibility, the SCS8181ETS has a FlexiSpace freezer with a bright and attractive interior. It has a 61 litre net capacity, with three full-width drawers – and, to store larger food items without a hitch, you can remove the shelves and drawers.

Fresher for Longer

AEG has incorporated state-of-the-art, Twintech technology to give your produce the optimum temperature and humidity levels. This helps to keep your favourite foods fresher for longer, and as a result will make them even more delicious in a home-cooked family meal.

The Frostmatic feature also lets you enjoy fresh food straight from your freezer. This setting will temporarily activate the maximum freezing power, so fresh vegetables can be frozen as quickly as possible, locking in all their essential nutrients. Once the food is frozen, the freezer will return to its normal temperature.

When you’ve been shopping, it’s always a rush to get home and unpack your food; this is where the Coolmatic function comes in handy. Pop your food into the refrigerator, and this technology will bring cold items like meats and dairy back down to their optimum temperature, both quickly and efficiently. And, if you regularly buy eggs, AEG has included a tray to hold up to six eggs in the fridge.

What’s more, Profresh technology allows you to implement more accurate temperatures for the SCS8181ETS. It has individual cooling systems for the fridge and freezer compartments, so food won’t ruin through overcooling from the freezer.

Design Features

Defrosting your freezer manually is a thing of the past with the AEG SCS8181ETS. This fantastic model will defrost itself, thanks to its no frost technology.

This fridge freezer also has an advanced Touch Control pad, so you can easily select the temperature settings – the touchpad sensitivity is second-to-none, giving you utmost precision with the lightest touch. Its clever LCD (liquid crystal display) will also update you on the current temperature and whether any additional settings are in use.

Plus, you’ll find LED (light-emitting diode) lighting on the SCS8181ETS, which is smaller, more energy efficient, will help to save you money on your bills, and looks great too. Open the door, and bright, evenly distributed lighting will reach every corner of your fridge.

If you’re going away for a while, why not optimise the fridge freezer’s energy use with the Holiday mode? This setting lowers energy consumption over long periods of time and minimises the build-up of mould or bad odour. So, you don’t need to worry about coming home to any unpleasant surprises.

Or, if you’re prone to leaving the door open by accident, this AEG fridge freezer has an indicator to let you know. When the temperature goes above the optimum level, there’s an indicator for that too, so you can rest assured that your food stays as fresh as possible.

The AEG SCS8181ETS is exclusive to Euronics and Agent stores, so you won’t find this fantastic fridge freezer anywhere else. Add one to your basket today.


Product Description SCS8181ETS 70/30 Split Fridge Freezer
Type Frost Free
Built-in or Freestanding Built-in
Energy Rating A+
Colour/Finish White
Capacity Fridge
Gross: 197L
Net: 192L

Gross: 76L
Net: 61L
Number of Shelves/Drawers/Bins Fridge:
Door - 1 Full Width with Lid, 2 Full Width, 1 Half Width Moveable 
Internal - 2 Full Width, 1 Flexi Shelf, 2 Drawers

3 Full Width Drawers
Warranty 2 Years
  • Control the fridge freezer's settings: The temperature display with advanced Touch Controls lets you take full control of the storage conditions of your food. The controls are so sensitive that you can adjust the settings precisely with just the lightest touch of a finger. The display relays feedback about the current temperature and functions selected.
  • Perfectly fresh food – straight from your freezer: The Frostmatic function activates the maximum freezing power, so your fresh produce freezes as quickly as possible. The freezer then returns to its normal setting.
  • A brighter, more flexible freezer: This FlexiSpace freezer has a brighter, more pleasant interior, and its removable shelves and drawers make organising larger items much more straightforward.
  • Bright and even light that shines into every corner of your fridge: LED lights represent the most cutting edge lighting technology, which is why AEG has integrated them inside this fridge freezer. The internal LED lighting produces a brighter light, which shines evenly across the whole space. Plus, LED technology is smaller and more energy efficient, for more space inside and lower energy bills.
  • Quickly reach optimum temperature of the refrigerator for your fresh food: The Coolmatic function brings your fresh food down to the optimum storage temperature quickly and efficiently. The function of the fridge switches off automatically when the job is done.
  • Our no frost freezer means you never have to defrost your freezer again whilst your food is easily identified - saving you a chore.
  • Profresh technology means that our No frost fridge freezers have two cooling systems, one for the fridge and one for the freezer.  This means that the temperature is more accurately controlled in each section preventing your food from deteriorating through over cooling of air from the freezer.
  • Sliding door fixings
Annual Running Cost £20.37
Noise Level 39dB
Removable Door Seal  N/A
Temperature Class SN-N-ST-T
Insulation Cyclopentane
Refrigerant R600A
Fridge or Freezer on top? Fridge on top
Load Capacity 230 - 240V
Product Dimensions (H x W x D) 177.2 x 54 x 54.9cm
Product Weight 58kg
Bar code (EAN No.) 7332543539703